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Michael & Molly | Snohomish, Washington Wedding at Jardin Del Sol

Molly and Michael said their vows among the towering trees and fragrant blossoms of Jardin Del Sol in Snohomish, Washington. It was a perfectly green day in July, full of sunlight, warm greetings from old friends, contagious laughter, and dancing. Oh, the dancing. (I dare you to find more enthusiastic dancers anywhere, because I'm pretty sure these folks cannot be beat.)

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Thom & Michaela | An Intimate Winter Wedding in Juneau, Alaska

Back in November, I boarded a plane to Juneau without fully knowing what to expect. In the past, I have lived in Juneau off and on and am quite familiar with the city, however the couple was one I had not yet gotten to meet in person.  Fortunately Thom and Michaela ended up being the most genuine and downright awesome couple you could imagine. 

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Glacier Elopement Inspiration | Matanuska Glacier | Alaska Elopement Photographer

When the sun doesn't think of going to bed before 11:30pm, it's tough to predict exactly what you are going to get, and when we woke up to blue skies I was imagining our glacier elopement would end up more on the "sunny and golden" side of things. As much as I love the Land of the Midnight Sun, darkening skies and moody lighting will always have my heart, so when the storm clouds rolled in I couldn't help but get a little excited. Ending our session with a sudden downpour was really just icing on the cake.

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Jenny & Andrew Become the Lowds | Kodiak, Alaska

When it comes to describing the love that Andrew and Jenny share, I don't even know where to begin. It is a comfortable sort of love. Warm and inviting, full of light and laughter. The kind that draws you in in an instant and makes you feel as though you have known them for ages. This story is about that kind of love, not just between two people, but within a whole family.

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Anna + Levi | A Styled Alaskan Elopement

This collaboration just kind of fell together in the best way possible.
My friend Jess Hunter was visiting for just a few days, so we kept things simple. She brought a stunning gown from The Dress Theory, and I grabbed a couple of my very favorite people. (Who also happen to be the most gorgeous couple EVER.) We threw together a bouquet in my kitchen and headed south toward Byron Glacier, where the foggy mountains were even more dramatic and mysterious than we had hoped.

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