At Home in Alaska III | Life Update | Personal Post

The past few months have been full of wonderful highs and devastating low points for our family. We have experienced everything from a carbon monoxide leak, to totaling our (new to us) car, and most recently being robbed at gunpoint in our own home. 

Honestly, I am exhausted, and yet still overwhelmingly thankful. Though crazy things have happened, each time the outcome could have been so much worse. It is so easy to live in fear of what could have been, or what might happen next, and sometimes I let myself slip into those moments. Still, I am constantly learning to trust, and live under God's protection. He has not failed us, and never will. The world is harsh and a brutal place at times, but it is also beautiful. The encouragement and support we have felt from our friends, family, and those we have not even met has been incredible. He is good and his love truly endures forever. 

So today, as we await the arrival of our new nephew, I am resting and enjoying the things that I love. Here are some recent photographs of my favorite tiny humans, and my gorgeous sister in-law at 9 months pregnant with the littlest one.