photography for adventurous elopements, intimate weddings, lifestyle portraits

This is not about chasing perfection. it's about the  raw and honest moments, and capturing the way they feel.
image by Kristian Irey

image by Kristian Irey


iron sharpens iron.


He’s the big picture thinker, I (Grace) am all details. He is steady, while I feel things deeply. He is daring and sarcastic, I’m an over thinker who likes to be cozy. He pushes me to take risks and be adventurous. I make sure he makes it home in one piece. We balance each other’s quirks with our own, and each fill in where the other is weaker. We irritate each other, then push each other to be better. We’re stronger together.

We believe that mountains are the best playground, that bad weather is only an attitude, and that your wedding day should be a reflection of what matters most to you, with none of the extra fluff. 


When you grow up in Alaska the adventure basically runs in your veins. There is something in those vast open spaces that make you feel most alive, and sharing that with a couple on their wedding day, stepping back and watching them experience it together—that’s magic. 

We were married young nearly eight years ago, are parents to Rowan and Madi (4 & 2), Jesus followers, and most recently the proud owners of a money-pit foreclosure in the mountains (our latest project/harebrained idea.)

I (Grace) was born in Anchorage, and Austin moved here with his family as a kid. Our paths crossed as teenagers and from the start, photography and music have played a major role in our lives and relationship. Even before our first date, Austin tricked me into hanging out with him because he “needed album art for an EP he was working on.” I started Grace Adams Photography in 2011 and Austin has been in it with me ever since. The Adams Co. is its new life, birthed out of a desire to dive into this work more fully together.

Working together allows us each to play to our strengths. I am passionate about chasing the emotions, while Austin is excellent at capturing the atmosphere of a place. I’ll ask the intimate questions, give direction when needed, and photograph you and your love up close. You might not even see him hiding in the bushes like your own personal paparazzi, but he’ll pop out occasionally to bring the comic relief and provide the sweeping scenic imagery. 

In this way, we are there to capture the whole story. 

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Hello, I’m Grace

  • INFP (Introvert over here!)

  • Deep feeler of all the emotions

  • Self proclaimed chocolate connoisseur

  • Full time mother

  • Life long Alaskan

  • Amateur painter

  • Pasta lover

  • House plant hoarder

  • I talk with my hands (a lot)

  • I will eat almost anything, but hate chicken pot pie (why ruin a good thing?)

  • Greatest fear = public speaking and earthquakes

  • I sing, but only in the shower or in the car with my kids


Hey, I’m Austin

  • Natural Optimist

  • Musician and music production junky

  • Vocalist, guitar, and keys with The Band Peregrine 

  • I love mountain biking, hunting, fishing, etc. 

  • Spontaneous and occasionally reckless

  • Coffee lover/addict

  • Leather goods enthusiast

  • I talk a lot (too much) 

  • Legos all day with my son Rowan, and shopping with my daughter Madi 

  • Built our first house


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