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Intimate Winter Wedding in Girdwood, Alaska + Helicopter Glacier Landing | Brad & Brittani

Not every wedding involves photographing a couple beside the face of a glacier, but quite honestly, more should! As we flew over the mountain tops, Brad and Brittani recounted stories of their experiences on many of them. They are adventurers of the truest kind, but also the most kind and humble humans you could meet. Landing beside the glacier felt like touching down on another planet and was an absolutely fitting start to their wedding day.

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Glacier Elopement Inspiration | Matanuska Glacier | Alaska Elopement Photographer

When the sun doesn't think of going to bed before 11:30pm, it's tough to predict exactly what you are going to get, and when we woke up to blue skies I was imagining our glacier elopement would end up more on the "sunny and golden" side of things. As much as I love the Land of the Midnight Sun, darkening skies and moody lighting will always have my heart, so when the storm clouds rolled in I couldn't help but get a little excited. Ending our session with a sudden downpour was really just icing on the cake.

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